• Introduction
  • Company Size

  • Incentive Cash Bonus

  • Long Term Incentive Bonus

  • 401(k) Plan

  • Group Disability

  • Group Life

  • NQDC

  • Supplemental Disability

  • Supplemental Life

  • Long Term Care

  • Cash Value Life

  • Equity Incentive

  • Defined Contribution SERP

  • Defined Benefit SERP

  • Highest Earner from key employee group - Typically someone like your CEO

  • Median Earner for your key employee group - Typically someone like a VP or SVP

  • Lowest Earner for your key employee group - Typically someone like a Director


Step One:

Answer the questions based on your existing benefit plans.

Step Two:

Input a sampling of 3 of your key employees. Typically folks use their highest earning key executive like a CEO for the Highest Earner, someone in the Median income range and then the Lowest Earner of your key employees.

Key employees typically are defined as anyone making $115,000 or more.

Step Three

See the results for each of the 3 representative key employees to identify how your benefits package stacks up in the various categories.

Step Four:

Take a look at some suggestions on how to improve your benefits to keep your key folks protected, motivated and retained.

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